Jurek Endure from UD

Scott Jurek Endure

Recently I realized that I needed a way to carry hydration (water) and Nutrition (Gels) on longer runs.  After some fairly extensive research, I decided to purchase the Jurek Endure from Ultimate Direction.  The Jurek Endure waistpack is named after ultra-runner Scott Jurek who designed an entire product line for Ultimate Direction.

I give the Jurek Endure highs marks for several reasons.  First, it is clearly made for runners.  It hugs the body and the two 10 ounce bottles sit perfectly against the contour of my back.  The bottles latch in tightly with an elastic bungee strap.  I find that 20 ounces of water is usually enough on runs up to 10 miles (depending on the temperature and humidity levels).

Second, the waistpack has a zippered pocket that holds 3 or 4 gels or a couple of energy bars.  It is also large enough to hold most cell phones if you only take a couple of gels.  The front pocket is sweat resistant and moveable, with foam backing for comfort.

Finally, the bungee system holds items of various sizes and adds security to a second pocket that is on the rear of the waistpack.  I find that it’s a good place to hold emergency items like Band-Aids, toilet paper, etc.  It never hurts to be prepared.

I’m sure there are many quality products on the market that are similar, but don’t hesitate to purchase the Jurek Endure waistpack if you think it will work for you!

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