Book: “The Life You’ve Always Wanted”

booklife-youve-always-wanted6I just finished John Ortberg’s book, The Life You’ve Always Wanted. I wish I had found this book when it was first written back in 1997 because I’m confident that it will influence my Christian walk throughout the rest of my life. Simply put, THIS IS A MUST READ!

In the book, Ortberg talks about the need for every Christian to experience real life change–transformation into the likeness of Christ. He explains that spiritual transformation comes through the practice of spiritual disciplines. Although there are many possible spiritual disciplines, Ortberg deals with the following ten: Celebration, Slowing, Prayer, Servanthood, Confession, Receiving Holy Spirit Guidance, Secrecy, Reflection on Scripture. Well-ordered heart, and Suffering

I can hardly wait to begin practicing these disciplines with this new understanding. Well, I’ve started on books three, four, and five. Stay tuned!

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Book: “90 Minutes In Heaven”

90-minutes5I am attempting to read a book-a-week in 2009 for a total of 52 books. The book I completed first is called 90 Minutes In Heaven. In this book, Don Piper recounts the tragic car accident that left him dead for an hour and a half.  During this time, the Southern Baptist minister tells about his experience in Heaven.

Piper’s description of Heaven is fascinating and believeable. Nothing from his experience seems to contradict the Bible’s description of Heaven, but his account does shed new light on Heaven.

The book reminded me that our loved ones who were believers are in a far better place that is beyond our earthly comprehension and understanding. What a beautiful place Heaven must be! The next book I am reading is The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg.

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