Hello World!

Hello everyone! I am the new Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Shelbyville, Kentucky. I’m extremely excited to be at Shelbyville and to be back in the pastorate. I am fortunate to have inherited a tremendous staff who has a passion for Jesus and for the community. Although I’m pumped about being here, I feel a great responsibility as I lead the church.

Would you add me to your prayer list? If you will be praying for me and for the people of First Baptist, leave me a comment here. Thank you so much for your prayers.

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  1. Jenny Witham says:

    This looks good! I am praying for you as you start your ministry here at FBC. Greater things are yet to come!

  2. Peggy Berry says:

    Our prayers are with you and your family as we begin a new journey in ministry for our Lord. Bob and I are excited about the future and look forward to serving with you.

  3. Dee Lisa Willard says:

    I will certainly continue to pray for you and your family. We are so excited about what the Lord has done and is going to do! Eyes on Him!

  4. John Shannon says:

    My prayers are most definitely with you. There is great excitement already in what the Lord is going to do through your ministry.

    “Greater things have yet to come.
    Greater things are still to be done
    In this city
    Greater things are still to come
    And greater things are still to be done here.”

  5. Steve,

    I am so excited for you and all that God will continue to use you to do. Thanks for all the years of being my pastor. You have definitely made a difference in my life! I am praying for you.

    Grace and Peace,


  6. towelandbasin says:

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    Thanks for your kind words and especially for your prayers! Oh yeah……thanks for checking out the new blog. Does the name of the blog remind you of anything you’ve heard before from me?

  7. Marvin hammond says:

    Hey BrotherPastor
    T’m so excited about whats to come in our church & comunity as GOD works thru you as senior pastor
    I’m looking forward to serving with you to win Shelbyville & Shelby Co to Jesus I’ve been praying for you for a long time & I most certainly will continue.


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