Dog Drives Van Into Coffee House


All those who have teenage drivers in their home as we do, will understand why this Associated Press story from St. James, New York, caught my attention. I thought it was funny enough to pass along.

A dog left inside a running van put the vehicle in drive, causing it to crash into a Long Island coffee house. Suffolk County police said no one was injured in the incident, which damaged the glass window and some patio furniture at Cool Beanz coffee shop in St. James. Police said a 60-year-old Port Jefferson resident left the van running while he went into the shop. His dog, Bentley, somehow knocked the controls.

Do you have any funny driving stories you can tell? My daughter once drove her grandmother’s convertible into the side of the house. How about you?

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  1. Angie Howard says:

    I was on Dr. Phil for being a backseat driver…but he sided with Bobby, so it wasn’t funny!

  2. towelandbasin says:

    You’re kidding right? You were actually on Dr. Phil?

  3. Angie Howard says:

    Yes. We had some friends over for dinner one night and of course I made this amazing meal and was the perfect hostess 😉 . And someone said, wow Bobby, you’re blessed to have such a wonderful wife who’s talented, can cook, and has such a beautiful home! Is there anything that she does that’s not perfect (they were kidding of course)? And he said that yeah, she tells me how to drive and I hate that. I was really surprised that he would say that. Well anyway, a few weeks later I was looking at the Dr. Phil website, just browsing and saw the heading, “Are you a backseat driver?” So I sent them an email saying…well, yes I am! They called us the next day and one week later we’re on a show called “The Buttinsky’s.” The other families on the show had some real heavy issues, but we were sort of the comic relief at the end. Dr. Phil is a very kind man, with a lot of wisdom. We were the only ones he talked to off camera. It was an interesting experience, but not too helpful with the back seat driving. The “cure” came when I saw myself on tv, and how silly and unreasonable it was to have so much anxiety in the car. After all, the Word says that He did not give us a spirit of fear, but a sound mind…I’m not completely relaxed, but as long as Bobby isn’t aggressive on the road, I’m ok! Anyway, that was my 15 minutes of tv fame!

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