What Do You Want For Christmas?

christmasher1This morning as I was driving to the church, I was listening to WJIE 88.5, one of my favorite Christian radio stations. One of the radio announcers was asking listeners to call and let her know if she should tell her husband what she would like him to get her for Christmas. She found something she really loves, but she hates to actually tell him what it is and remove the “surprise factor” surrounding her gift.

My theory is that she should tell him because most of us guys are clueless! She should do both of them a tremendous favor and show him an actual picture of the item, take him to the store and point to it like Vanna White, or better yet–just purchase it and tell him that’s what he got for her this year! Then, of course, tell him that she loves it and that he has made her so happy! That’s a win-win-situation!

What do you think? Should a wife or girlfriend tell the guy in her life what she would like to receive for Christmas?

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  1. Absolutely…and give him as much detail as possible surrounding the gift!

  2. towelandbasin says:

    I agree man! If I had a dollar for everytime my wife had to return her gift after Christmas.

  3. Could be a Catch-22. If you have to ask, you’re not paying attention. If you don’t ask, you don’t care enough! No wonder we men stay confused. I have to say, though, my wife is very easy to please when it comes to gifts. I’m lucky that way.

  4. towelandbasin says:

    Yes, a Catch-22. Do you want me to email your wife and tell her that you said all these nice things about her on my blog? (hahahaha)

  5. I can do you one better. I actually purchase a few things for myself, wrap them, put “from Santa” on the tag and open them on Christmas morning with lots of ooohing and aaahing and thank yous. My hubby and grown kids sit looking puzzled at one another wondering who bought THAT gift! It’s great fun…and I get exactly what I want every time!

  6. towelandbasin says:

    Paula, that’s sneeky, underhanded, deceiving, and BRILLIANT! I wonder if there’s any chance that it would work if I….I mean some guy did it….probably not!

  7. Don’t see why not, towelandbasin! Try it this year and see what happens. It’s all in fun.
    By the way, regarding hints…men are not mind-readers. It’s doing them a favor to drop hints. However, men being the literal-minded animals that they are, the hints must be rather direct, specific and literal, such as, “Honey, I sure would like that new Michael Buble Christmas CD for Christmas this year!” It also helps to show them a picture.

  8. towelandbasin says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! Most of us guys aim to please, but we just don’t know how. Please, please, please, take the guess work out of it for us! You’ll be happy and we’ll happy!

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