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Lately, I’ve been thinking a great deal about different Bible translations.  As most people my age, I cut my teeth on the King James BibleThe last decade or more I have been reading and preaching from the New International Version.  I love both translations, but they are very different.  The King James takes a word-for-word (formal equivalence) translation approach while the New International Version is a thought-for-thought (functional equivalence) translation.

In the last few years, two new, scholarly translations have been published. One is the Christian Holman Standard BibleThis Bible is a combination of a word-for-word and a thought-for-thought translation.  I have read quite a bit from this translation and I find it a refreshing and accurate approach to the Scripture.

Another recent and excellent translation is the English Standard VersionThe ESV is a word-for-word translation in the tradition of the King James Version.  It has quickly become a highly accepted translation by scholars and casual readers alike.

Check out these translations and let me know what you think?  Let me complete this post by asking the following question:

Which Bible translation do you prefer?

Here’s a link to a great radio broadcast by Dr. Albert Mohler about the best Bible translations.

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  1. Greg Jacobs says:

    I go back and forth between the King James and NIV. I read ESV last night and liked it.

  2. Scott Osborne says:

    I read and study both the KJV (primary) and the NLT. I read the NLT mostly to make sure I understand certain thoughts I have when reading words from the KJV that are not used frequently. I preach only from the KJV. The congragation I am entrusted with reads, studies, and accepts this translation. I am ok with studying other versions, but prefer the KJV to all others.

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