Today we took our daughter to the airport and put her on a plane headed for Hong Kong.  She will spend the holidays there working with students, but that’s a another story for another day. 

While we were at the Louisville Airport this morning, we saw several members of the United States Military coming and going for the holidays.  I am not ashamed to admit that I became all-choked-up as my heart swelled with thankfulness for the sacrificial service given by these heroes.  Can I encourage you to go out of your way to be kind and appreciative to these heroes when you see them? 

Suggestions to Show Your Appreciation to a Member of the Military

  • Say thanks.  Stick out your hand, look them directly in the eye, and say “thank you sir or thank you ma’am for what you do.” They’ll know exactly what you mean without going into detail.
  • Pray.  Silently and secretly pray for them and their families when you see them.
  • Pay.  Pay for their meal when you see them eating out some place.  Ask the waiter or waitress to say, “someone paid for your meal; they told me to tell you ‘thank you for what you do.'”  Pay for anything else you can think of as well; they are not getting wealthy protecting our country.
  • Loan.  Loan them your “extra” vehicle while they’re home on leave.
  • Invite.  Invite them to your home or to your church if they are in the area and unable to go home for the holidays.

At 11:50 p.m. tonight, we will meet our airman at the airport–we haven’t seen him since last Christmas.  Do you think I might get choked-up again tonight?

4 thoughts on “God Bless Our Military

  1. Just get ready for one of your special gifts this Christmas…Look that “man” in the eye and say “I LOVE YOU SON” and when he says “I LOVE YOU MORE DAD” then let the tears fall where they may. I know your heart will almost burst with pride when you see him…give him a hug from me!!! Merry Christmas


  2. I tear up just reading about those soldiers coming home! My little bro served in the Marine Corp and in Iraq. He is out now, but that intense love and appreciation doesn’t fade away. Great idea about secretly buying their dinner! I am going to try that out!!!


  3. Just to let you know…….had a good warm feeling when in a position to pay for a Marines meal…….. A couple weeks ago saw him come in and was able to tell the waitress…” tell him to order whatever he wants..his tab will be paid.”…….Some way he figured it out and came over…. removed his glove …shook hands and expressed his thanks……we were able to exchange small conversation…… I left chocked up after saying “no thanks needed From you but thanks To you”…. I always think of another one in the military!!!


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