You wouldn’t think that a grown man would miss his mother, but I miss my mom more and more each year.  My mom went home to be with the Lord in 1992 at the age of 60.  She was the heart and soul of our family, especially when it came to holidays and birthdays.

One of my favorite Christmas memories is etched in my mind forever and revolves around my mom.  For some reason when I was about 10-years-old, she decided to move the Christmas tree from its usual spot in the living room of our modest little eastern Kentucky home, to the dining area off the kitchen.  She placed it in front of the breakfast nook window and it snowed during the holidays that year.

I remember staring at the Christmas tree with the snow coming down outside in the background. For some reason the combination of the simplicity of the tree, the falling snow, a warm house, homemade candy, and my family nearby is a memory that remains vivid to me.  Even at the time, I seemed to sense that I was experiencing something special.

Enjoy every moment with your family this Christmas and be thankful for each person.  Be sure to slow down so you can notice and appreciate the “little” things about them and about the holiday.  This may be the year that your favorite Christmas memory is etched in your mind to enjoy for years to come.

5 thoughts on “I Miss My Mommy

  1. Steve, I’m blessed to still have my mom, but lost my Dad in 1993. He was the life and soul of our family. He celebrated every birthday and he loved Christmas especially. There’s always an empty spot in my heart, but the memories are wonderful and I thank God for them.


  2. Steve,
    I lost my dad almost four years ago and the pain is still as fresh today as it was then. He went home to be with the Lord on Dec. 31st of 2005. Although Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year, it is now the most difficult time for me. I am fortunate to still have my mother and she has always been the one to make holidays special, but I was “daddy’s girl” and his sudden death was a devasting blow to me. My holidays have forever been changed….well, I have been forever changed. I now have a five year old little girl that I hope to make as many special memories for her as I had when I was growing up. I just wish my dad could be here to see her. Thank you for posting this and for helping me to reflect and to “slow down” this holiday season………….


  3. Love this Brother Steve. You were such a source of comfort to me when my own mom passed. You understood so well because you had walked the path before me.


  4. Bless your heart, Steve Rice! I too have special memories of Christmas growing up. Now that we have our family it seems every year it gets harder and harder for us all to be together at the same time. But as you said, we just have to remember how blessed we are to still have each other and somehow we still make it work. I pray that my boys have some special memories tucked away in their hearts that brings them comfort and joy in the years to come. May you and your precious family have the most blessed Christmas ever. Love you guys.


  5. Such a sweet memory, Brother Steve. Praying you are comforted during this time. You and your family are so very special to me. Love to you and yours! Merry Christmas!


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