Best Bible Reading Plans

What is the most important spiritual discipline? What is the one thing that is paramount when it comes to maturing as a follower of Christ? I believe the Bible is the key. I’m not saying that it is the only thing that is important, but I am saying that it is most important!

Many Christians have followed Christ for decades, yet have never read the Bible in its entirety. There are several printed plans, web-based plans, and Bible apps that make it easier than ever.

4 Types of Bible Reading Plans

1. Printed plans. There are numerous ways to print off a Bible reading plan online. One of the best sites is the The Navigators. They utilize the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading plans which are some of my favorites.

2. One-Year-Bible. This Bible is designed for those who want to read through the Bible in a calendar year.

3. Online plans. Dozens (probably hundreds) of sites exist online that are dedicated to reading the Bible through in a year. Some will even email you each day with the assigned reading. Here are three good ones:,, and

4. Bible apps. I utilize several great Bible apps for Bible reading and study. They all have Bible reading plans that are very helpful. My favorite Bible apps include: You Version, ESV, and Logos.

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  1. I’m going to do that. Also, I know you read a lot and was wondering if you could recommend some books for someone who’s really wanting to make a change in 2010. I’m going to start with “The Purpose Driven Life.” Got any more ideas?

  2. Good for you. Check out the “Book Review” category on my blog. I did some brief reviews of the books I read last year. See if any of those interest you. Two books I would recommend include: “The Life You’ve Always Wanted” by Jon Ortberg and “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel.

  3. Luckily I received Strobel’s book when I visited your church…yay me!

    I’ll definitely read your reviews…thanks Steve.

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