Does Your Church Need Revitalization?


I’m looking forward to attending the RENOVATE CONFERENCE this fall to learn more about church renewal and revitalization.  In my role as Team Leader of the Church Consulting & Revitalization Team at the Kentucky Baptist Convention, my main focus is on helping KBC churches experience a fresh season of vitality as they make necessary changes for greater effectiveness.  God seems to be stirring more and more of His people to focus on this crucial matter of revitalization.  One of the groups that is on target in this area is a group called RENOVATE.  Here’s how they describe themselves:

RENOVATE is a movement of church revitalizers committed to learning, growing, changing and leading change.

Tom Cheyney, Executive Director of Missions, Greater Orlando Baptist Association, and nationally recognized conference leader in Church Revitalization, Church Planting, and Church Health, has created an excellent graphic that illustrates The Seven Pillars of Church Revitalization.  The graphic above illustrates the following Seven Pillars of Church Revitalization according to Dr. Cheyney:

  1. Refocusing.
  2. Revisioning.
  3. Renewal.
  4. Reinvention.
  5. Restoration.
  6. Restarting.
  7. Revitalization.
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