UK or U of L?

One day I was in a barbershop getting a haircut.  As you try avoiding the thoughts of a hair joke next time you see me, let me share my “spiritual” experience.

While my bushy flocks were being trimmed and thinned a gentleman walked in the shop wearing telling apparel.  He was wearing a UK hat, a UK coat, a UK sweatshirt, and possibly some unseen UK clothing as well.  I looked up and said, “Looks like we have another one of those Cardinal fans coming for a haircut.”  Everyone laughed because it was obvious that this man was on the side of the University of Kentucky!

Moses once asked the question, “Who is on the Lord’s side?”  I believe it should be obvious whose side we are on!  Our words, our dress, our drink, and most importantly, our life should scream that we are on God’s team.  Everywhere the barbershop UK fan went throughout the day folks would clearly know that he was for UK.  It’s likely that UK basketball would sometimes be part of his conversation, but even when it wasn’t he was sharing his allegiance.

“Lord, help us to be obvious Christians.  Show us ways to provide both a silent and verbal witness of our allegiance to you!  Lead us to be far more excited about the eternal things of God than the temporary things of this world.”