booklife-youve-always-wanted6I just finished John Ortberg’s book, The Life You’ve Always Wanted. I wish I had found this book when it was first written back in 1997 because I’m confident that it will influence my Christian walk throughout the rest of my life. Simply put, THIS IS A MUST READ!

In the book, Ortberg talks about the need for every Christian to experience real life change–transformation into the likeness of Christ. He explains that spiritual transformation comes through the practice of spiritual disciplines. Although there are many possible spiritual disciplines, Ortberg deals with the following ten: Celebration, Slowing, Prayer, Servanthood, Confession, Receiving Holy Spirit Guidance, Secrecy, Reflection on Scripture. Well-ordered heart, and Suffering

I can hardly wait to begin practicing these disciplines with this new understanding. Well, I’ve started on books three, four, and five. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Book: “The Life You’ve Always Wanted”

  1. Sound’s very interesting. I don’t read much but would if I had more time. Thank you for sharing . Oh Bruce went home Fri. They aren’t answering their phones. We finally called one of her sons He gave us that information.
    Not sure what their next step’s are. Hospice probably . Donna


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