andy-stanleyYesterday, I started and completed Andy Stanley’s book, Communicating for a Change. The book is directed mainly toward preachers, but it will provide lots of valuable information for anyone who is involved in public speaking.

Here’s an excerpt from the book that might get you interested:

“I’ve always thought of a sermon, or any talk for that matter, as a journey. You start somewhere, you go somewhere, and ultimately you end up somewhere. The question is, did you end up where you wanted to go? Now you can drive around willy-nilly and hope you end up somewhere interesting, or you can decide before you get behind the wheel–or the pulpit–where you’re going. I’m talking about taking your audience on a journey. Taking them to a place where they discover a truth that will change their lives.”

This is book 7 of 52 of my quest to read 52 books this year. For more information on this quest please see One Book Per Week = 52 or this series of posts.

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