rick-warrenThrough the years, I have believed Rick Warren to be a man of God and an innovative church growth expert. I attended the Purpose Driven Leadership Conference on the Saddleback Church campus and wrote a doctoral paper on the Purpose-Driven movement. In recent years, Dr. Warren has come under attack from many Christians who I believe are short-sighted and ill-informed.

I am thankful for a recent book by Richard Abanes that is written in defense of Dr. Warren. Abanes’ book, Rick Warren and the Purpose that Drives Him, provides insight into Rick Warren, his books, and his beliefs. I found the book to be well written and fairly presented. Abanes provided access into the private life of the Warrens and the Saddleback church. If you have any interest in this subject, you must read the book. I believe that Abanes sets the record straight about Rick Warren and I’m thankful that he does.

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