uhaulCan you imagine putting up with me for 28 years? Just thinking about it can make your heart skip a beat, but that’s exactly what Laura has done! Twenty-eight years of being married to me should earn her a mansion or two along with several stars for her crown.

We have seen a lot of life together. She followed me to the mountains of eastern Kentucky. The first time she sat foot in eastern Kentucky was when I took her to meet “the folks.” She later told me that the hills almost smothered her to death. She followed me to Morehead, Banner, Fort Worth, Hazard, Pikeville, Belfry, Georgetown, Williamstown, Louisville, and now Shelbyville. At least 14 times we’ve loaded all our belongings in a rental truck and moved to a new home. A couple of weeks ago, we made the trek from Louisville to Shelbyville. Thank you for all your help in relocating us—we are thrilled to be here!

We have seen highs and lows mixed in with a lot of everyday life. We were thrilled when our little marching band from Pikeville finished Class A State Runner-up in ‘88 and ‘89, but more thrilled when God began to move dramatically within our church at Belfry. We watched the church almost triple in size and celebrated several members called to full-time ministry. Missionaries, pastors, youth directors—God did an awesome work.

We both long to see God’s awesome power in our church at Shelbyville. We are overjoyed to be in Shelbvyille because we believe God wants to do a great work here as well. In order for that to happen it cannot be business as usual. The church is not a business; it is the bride of Christ. God will move when we, the bride, fall in love with Christ, the Groom. It’s one thing to mark off another anniversary with Christ, but another thing to be madly in love with Him. Which one do you think He prefers?

4 thoughts on “Thrilled to Be Here

  1. How awesome for the both of you and congratulations! I too look foward to seeing God work as only He can in our church. Its an exciting time! And I think its high time a lot of us at church fall madly in love with HIM. Boy will that church explode!


  2. Steve I just realized there was more to the FB story……. how beautiful!

    God has blessed you and Laura beyond measure and I am so glad I have seen “lots” of this happen…….By meeting and learning to love you and Laura I was able to meet both sets of parents and know without them God could never have layed HIS hands on you two. I easily learned to love your three children.

    . May you both experience God’s greatness @ Shelbyville as you have in the other places you have been placed…


  3. We are so thrilled you all are here and thrilled that you all are thrilled!!!! Definitely, being madly in love with Him is where He longs for us to be! Praying that we long to fall in love with Christ as His bride! Praying for you all!!!


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