In all the years I have served as a senior pastor, I have never adopted a church-wide annual theme.  Oh, I thought about it lots of times when I saw others do it, but I just never felt impressed by the Lord to do so.  A few months back, God began to speak to me about adopting a theme that focused on evangelism and missions.

I thought of catchy themes, rhyming themes, and clever themes, but the Lord seemed to say “keep it simple.”  After prayer I chose a one-word, two-letter, church-wide theme for Shelbyville First Baptist Church this year.  It doesn’t get much more simple than that.  Our theme is “Go”!

This year I pray that we will mobilize like never before as a church and as individual Christians.  Personally, I am increasing my evangelistic efforts, I am scheduled to travel to Russia this summer to teach, and I am making plans to lead a trip to the Holy Land.

Please share your “Go” ideas here.

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