I just reread Bill Bennett’s excellent book called Thirty Minutes to Raise the Dead:  How You Can Preach Your Best Sermon Yet — This SundayIt reminds me of the two preaching books written by Jerry Vines because, like his books, it was well written and practical.  It is a very easy read if you are a pastor, but extremely helpful.

In the book, Bennett discusses Faris Whitesell’s 7-part definition of expository preaching.  Here are the seven parts:

Expository preaching must….

  1. Be based on a passage in the Bible, either short or long.
  2. Focus on the primary meaning of the passage.
  3. Relate the passage’s meaning to its context.
  4. Search for the timeless truths in the text.
  5. Organize these truths around one central theme.
  6. Employ the rhetorical devices of explanation, argumentation, illustration, and application to apply the truth of the passage to the hearer.
  7. See to persuade the hearers to obey the truth presented.

If you are a pastor and have not read Bennett’s book, find one and read it.  It is a little difficult to find, but you can click on the title above and find one at Amazon.  The book will be a blessing to you.

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