Today, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to John Raizor for the outstanding job he did as our part-time Minister of Recreation.  John built our program from scratch and worked well with the Recreation Committee.  John went about his work with great integrity and did things in a way that honored the Lord.  John did not cut corners and did not compromise when it came to his work.  The three things I respect most about John is that he knows what he believes, he knows why he believes what he believes, and he stands up for what he believes.  We need more Christians who display those traits in our churches today.  If you know John, be sure to express your personal thanks to him and to the Recreation Committee for the great work they did to get us to this point!

In addition, I want to welcome Pastor Dave Menser as our full-time Pastor of Children & Family Life.  Dave was unanimously approved at our August Business Meeting.  Dave is uniquely gifted and equipped to excel in both areas of children’s ministry and recreation ministry. 

Dave began his work today, August 23, with big shoes to fill, but he will do an awesome job.  John and Dave have met to discuss the FBC recreation ministry—this, along with the work that John has been doing over the last few months, will help Pastor Dave to get off to a fast start in the area of recreation.  In addition to expressing your personal thanks to John, be sure to give Pastor Dave a BIG First Baptist welcome when you see him!

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