Through the summer I’m opening up a can of  worms at Shelbyville First Baptist Church! I’m wading in waters where I might just drown! I’m going out on a limb!  I’m biting off more than I can chew! I’m waking up several sleeping dogs! I’m swimming with the sharks! I’m taking a stick and hitting a hornet’s nest. For the entire summer, I’m going where very few preachers will dare go!

On Sunday, June 5, I will begin a sermon series called HOT TOPICS! I will address some of the most difficult and sensitive questions in life today. Here’s the list:

  • June 5: What Does the Bible Say about Homosexuality?
  • June 12: Is Laziness a Sin?
  • June 19: Is Sex a Four-letter Word?
  • June 26: Can a Christian Be Divorced?
  • July 10: Is Osama Bin Laden in Hell?
  • July 17: Is Abortion Always Wrong?
  • July 24: Is It a Sin to Be Rich?
  • July 31: What Music Is Real “Christian” Music?
  • August 7: Are We Prejudiced in Shelbyville?
See what I mean? I’m not sure if I’m really thinking straight, but we’re going to just go for it. We’re going to cut to the chase, shoot straight, get down to brass tacks, hit the nail on the head which may go over like a lead balloon. You may be able to say a lot of things about your pastor at the end of the series, but you WILL NOT be able to say that he is unwilling to tackle difficult subjects. Please use this series of sermons to invite your family and friends to church. Give them one of the Hot Topics Invite Card….who knows, they might just come.

2 thoughts on ““Hot Topics”

  1. I am excited about the new sermon series. I think current issues such as these are exactly what we need to hear about; even it if does make us a “flinch” a little or squirm in the pews.


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