Lately, I’ve been thinking a great deal about different Bible translations.  As most people my age, I cut my teeth on the King James Bible. I eventually moved away from the KJV, and for several years I read and preached from the New International Version.  I love both translations, but they are very different.  The King James takes a word-for-word (formal equivalence) translation approach while the New International Version is a thought-for-thought (functional equivalence) translation.

In the last few years, two new, scholarly translations have been published. One is the Christian Standard BibleThis Bible is a combination of a word-for-word and a thought-for-thought translation.  I have read quite a bit from this translation and I find it a refreshing and accurate approach to the Scripture.

Another recent and excellent translation is the English Standard VersionThe ESV is a word-for-word translation in the tradition of the King James Version.  It has quickly become a highly accepted translation by scholars and casual readers alike.

Which Bible translation do you prefer?

Which Bible translation do you prefer?  Let me complete this post by asking the following question:

Which Bible translation do you prefer?

Here’s a link to a great radio broadcast by Dr. Albert Mohler about the best Bible translations.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Bible Translation

  1. I read and study both the KJV (primary) and the NLT. I read the NLT mostly to make sure I understand certain thoughts I have when reading words from the KJV that are not used frequently. I preach only from the KJV. The congragation I am entrusted with reads, studies, and accepts this translation. I am ok with studying other versions, but prefer the KJV to all others.


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