Have you ever read through the whole Bible? Many Christians have followed Christ for decades, yet have never read the Bible in its entirety. There are several printed plans, web-based plans, and Bible apps that make it easier than ever. How about reading the entire Bible this year?

4 Types of Bible Reading Plans

1. Printed plans. There are numerous ways to print a Bible reading plan from an online source. One of the best sites is The Navigators. They utilize the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading plans which are some of my favorite.

2. One-Year-Bible. This Bible is designed for those who want to read through the Bible in a calendar year.

3. Online plans. Dozens (probably hundreds) of sites exist online that are dedicated to reading the Bible through in a year. Some will even email you each day with the assigned reading. Here are three good ones:  Christianity.com, BibleGateway.com, and BacktotheBible.org.

4. Bible apps. I utilize several great Bible apps for Bible reading and study. They all have Bible reading plans that are very helpful. My favorite Bible apps include: You Version, ESV, and Logos.

3 thoughts on “Best Bible Reading Plans

  1. I’m going to do that. Also, I know you read a lot and was wondering if you could recommend some books for someone who’s really wanting to make a change in 2010. I’m going to start with “The Purpose Driven Life.” Got any more ideas?


  2. Good for you. Check out the “Book Review” category on my blog. I did some brief reviews of the books I read last year. See if any of those interest you. Two books I would recommend include: “The Life You’ve Always Wanted” by Jon Ortberg and “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel.


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