prayerI’m about half way through Craig Groeschel’s book, Confessions of a Pastor. I’ll review the book when I finish it as a part of my series of posts called 52 Books In 2009. But, I want to go ahead and share a few of Craig’s thoughts on prayer. Here are a couple of paragraphs from his chapter called, I Hate Prayer Meetings:

If you feel insecure about your faltering prayer life, I’ve got great news for you: God’s waiting. Right now. At this moment. He wants to reveal Himself to you, and He wants you to reveal your heart to Him.

Pray. Pray creatively, openly, honestly. Pray long. Pray short. Sigh. Sing. Dance. Cry. Shout. Pray in the morning. During the day and in the evening. Pray in the car, while working, while doing chores. Laugh with Him. Cry with Him. Experience His presence. Let your attitudes, thoughts, energy, focus, attention, desire, and love be directed toward the One who loves you. Like breathing air, allow moment-by-moment fellowship to become a way of life–starting this very moment. Go ahead. Commuicate.

I hope Craig’s words helps you as you think about prayer.

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