Book: “Confessions of a Pastor”

confession-of-a-pastor1I just completed my second book this year by Craig Groeschel. My motto for the future is “if Craig writes it, I’ll read it.” Obviously, I like his writing. He is transparent, honest, humble, risky, raw, and sometimes downright hillarious!

In his book, Confessions of a Pastor, Craig makes several confessions that many of us could make. Although the book is a must read for any pastor wanting to improve, the book would help any believer trying to grow as a disciple of Christ.

Here are nine confessions from the book:

  1. I can’t stand a lot of Christians.
  2. I have to work hard to stay sexually pure.
  3. Most of the time I feel incredibly lonely.
  4. I hate prayer meetings.
  5. I worry almost all the time.
  6. Sometimes I doubt God.
  7. I feel completely inadequate.
  8. I stink at handling criticism.
  9. I’m afraid of failure.

Sound interesting? The chapters are even better than the titles. Go ahead, buy the book!

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  1. hey man…do you still exist???

    i haven’t heard from you in forever!

  2. Love Groeschel – God really used him at Catalyst last year & i’m expecting even more in 2009! Heck yes.

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