Have you ever heard of the 3-Minute Rule?  I believe every church could benefit greatly from practicing the rule after each worship service.  Here’s how the 3-Minute Rule works.  After the morning worship service ends, all the regular attenders spend the first 3 minutes talking with guests, newcomers, or simply people they do not know, before they begin talking with their friends.  If possible, they introduce those they meet during the 3-Minute time to their friends with the hope of including them in the group.  We should always keep in mind that . . . .

We are a culture craving relationship. In the midst of our crowded existence, many of us are living lonely lives. We live and work in a sea of humanity, but we end up missing out on the benefits of regular, meaningful relationships.  (Andy Stanley)

I think we should practice a similar rule before the service as well. We could call it the 2-Person Rule. Strive to meet at least two new people before the service begins. Imagine how many people you would meet after a few weeks. Remember . . . .

People are not merely looking for a friendly church; they are looking to make friends at church.

What do you think?  When’s the last time you met someone new at church and were genuinely interested in getting to know them?  Make a genuine effort this Sunday to connect with others–it will be a blessing to them as well as to you.

2 thoughts on “The “3-Minute Rule”

  1. I almost always do this naturally. I like meeting new people! I think some people are more comfortable reaching out than others are. But we have to remember that it’s not about us all the time, it’s about others, like you said…this should be totally apparent when new folks walk in the church.


  2. Angie,

    You’re right. Some people are not trying to be unfriendly or ignore people–they’re just shy. Of course, the Lord understands that, but I do believe we can work on our shyness. We can also make it a matter of prayer. Then there are people like you who seemingly don’t have a shy bone in their body.


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