Today we had a man stop by the church and demand we take care of him.  His demeanor was intimidating and somewhat frightening.  We tried to be gracious and tried to help him, but nothing we did seemed to be enough.  He kept saying things like “you mean you call yourself a church and you’re not going to do this for me?”

Eventually we offered to provide him a hotel room for the night and a meal or two for the evening.  Understandably, the hotel would not assign him a room because he had no personal identification at all.  He called me from the hotel lobby to express more anger towards me because the hotel would not rent a room to him without identification.  He refused my offer to take him to the men’s shelter.  After trying to explain the circumstances to him again on the telephone, he spewed out another “you call yourself a church” and hung up the phone!  Somehow he failed to thank me for the financial  help I had already given him.

I wanted to be angry at him, but I felt sympathy for him.  If it were not for God’s rich grace toward me, I could be in that same position.  When you read this, say a little prayer for God’s blessings toward this man.

4 thoughts on ““And You Call Yourself A Church”

  1. Bro. Steve,
    Please don’t beat yourself up over this. As a former State Trooper,I was suspicious when I read that this person had no identification on him. That sent up red flags for me. How does anyone walk around without any i.d. on him and expect to get any help? Oh,there are situations which someone may loose their i.d. But, anyone in their right mind goes and gets this resolved.
    In my mind,this person was trying to “use” you and the Church to get anything he could for free. Sorry to feel that way,but I have seen way too many that pray on people and institutions,like churches,to get all they can….You did fine and there should be no guilt in anything that went on. Believe it or not,there are people that just cannot be helped,or if we do help,it is always not enough…..God be with you and your family……love ya!!!!


  2. Pastor, you did a great job because I know how easy these type people can cause you to get in the flesh real quick


  3. Quite the dilemma is it not. We are warned that our interactions may be entertaining angels and therefore should treat others as so. We are also told to show hospitality; feeding the widows and the poor. Yet we also know that we have those that are working against us as well Realizing, in a real way, that we also must confront evil in the world at times. I guess that is why we should be gentle, yet as smart as the world when we are confronting things and people. Not wanting to say that this individual was evil, but agreeing with Mr. Popp, this does not sound as someone that truly wanted the help of a church, but more than likely chose us for some reason to attempt to prove some type of point. Either to himself or to someone else. The offer was there, as well as, the effort that we are called to provide. I have noticed that no matter how much we try to help someone, sometimes, help is not necessarily what they are truly looking for. Sounds more as if some form of agenda was being met here. I will pray for this person as suggested for I believe he needs as much as we can give him.


  4. That you could find love in your heart instead of anger toward this man proves that there really is a God who changes people. Not to say that you’re an angry, judgmental type person, because I don’t think you are. But it is only human to want to think, “What a jerk!” So the fact that you chose otherwise has to show the world that Jesus love is real and is alive in people’s hearts right this very minute! And that the same grace that was given to you, God can give to this man. I will definitely say a prayer for him and for you. Ministry isn’t easy!


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