Last night Laura and I enjoyed meeting the members of Third Day after the final stop of Winter Jam 2010 in Louisville, Kentucky.  Some of our close friends had a couple of extra passes to a private meet-and-greet with the band, so we went along for the fun of it.

We found the guys to be very genuine and down to earth.  We busted Mac Powell on a comment he made during the concert about Hazard, Kentucky.  We heard that he always picks a random town in the state where he’s performing and introduces the keyboard player as being from that town.  Last night he said that he was from Hazard, Kentucky.  It just so happens that I taught school in Hazard, Kentucky, so we asked him about it.  He laughed and said it’s just a standing joke that he plays on the keyboard player at each concert.  He said that he never picks a town in advance–he just says whatever pops in his mind at the moment.

Laura and I told him that we saw him at Catalyst this year and enjoyed seeing his new son that he adopted.  He told us that he and his wife just adopted a little girl.  He showed us some neat family pictures on his iPhone.  She’s a beautiful little girl.

Thank God for authentic Christian artists who are living out their faith.  I’ve always enjoyed Third Day, but I will view them differently in the future.  We didn’t ask for an autograph or anything like that–that’s just not us, but we did enjoy seeing the guys in that setting.

3 thoughts on “Third Day – Winter Jam 2010

  1. We were there last night. It was an incredible concert by all the artists. I went to the pastor/youth pastor “meeting” and got to see some get real. And Third Day, brought it, again!


  2. Mike, Jacob, and I also enjoyed the concert! I was so impressed on every aspect….from the music to the cost. I like how down to earth the entire crew of Winter Jam was…. That is the faith based attitudes, I know. Tony Nolan was great as well! I was so pleasantly surprised to see all age groups rocking it out last night! It isn’t so much the music, of course, as it is the message delivered. So many people don’t realize that, but they should! Last night was awesome for the youth and really any age!


  3. I love Third Day. I have several of their songs on my IPOD. It is always nice to know that performers are the “real thing” whether in public or private.


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