A youth group holds on to a bible.In my first doctoral class, I wrote an exit paper on the Sunday School.  My thesis for the paper was as follows:

“Sunday School is a vital program in the 21st Century Church.”

With all the new trends and changes on the current church scene, some have chosen to downplay Sunday School.  In some instances, Sunday School has been eliminated altogether.  In my opinion, such a decision is ill-advised and potentially lethal to most congregations.  Many churches still have Sunday School-type programs although they no longer use that language.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, but the traditional functions of the Sunday School are usually more consistently and effectively carried out through this church ministry.  I believe churches must embrace certain changes, but not all changes are good changes.  Some ministries are fundamental to the health and growth of the church—I believe Sunday School is such a ministry.

As your Kentucky Baptist Convention staff, Darryl Wilson and I are committed to the improvement and encouragement of the Sunday School.  We are thrilled with the current success stories that are taking place in KBC churches, but we pray for even greater success in the future!

One of the things that I’ve observed in many churches is the need to simplify.  Churches can become so complex that it becomes “watered-down” and less effective.  Many of the ministries of the church could and should be administered through the Sunday School.  This approach allows for simplification, shared ministry, organizational structure, and accountability.

For more help with Sunday School, contact Darryl Wilson or utilize his extensive Sunday School articles.

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