Best Bible Reading Plans

Have you ever read through the whole Bible? Many Christians have followed Christ for decades, yet have never read the Bible in its entirety. There are several printed plans, web-based plans, and Bible apps that make it easier than ever. How about reading the entire Bible this year?

4 Types of Bible Reading Plans

1. Printed plans. There are numerous ways to print a Bible reading plan from an online source. One of the best sites is The Navigators. They utilize the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading plans which are some of my favorite.

2. One-Year-Bible. This Bible is designed for those who want to read through the Bible in a calendar year.

3. Online plans. Dozens (probably hundreds) of sites exist online that are dedicated to reading the Bible through in a year. Some will even email you each day with the assigned reading. Here are three good ones:,, and

4. Bible apps. I utilize several great Bible apps for Bible reading and study. They all have Bible reading plans that are very helpful. My favorite Bible apps include: You Version, ESV, and Logos.

Church Consulting & Revitalization Team

I serve as Team Leader of the Church Consulting & Revitalization Team at the Kentucky Baptist Convention. The CCR team consists of 6 Regional Consultants along with 5 Ministry Consultants. The Regional Consultants are available to help Associational Mission Strategists, associations, churches, and church groups, but they are particularly assigned to help pastors of local Kentucky Baptist Convention churches. The 6 Regional Consultants live in the regions where they are privileged to serve. Here’s a list of these men:

In addition to the 6 Regional Consultants, our team has 5 Ministry Consultants. These consultants serve the entire state in their specialized ministry fields. They are available to work with Associational Mission Strategists, associations, churches, church groups, and pastors. Here’s a list of these 5 consultants:

My name is Steve Rice and of course, as Team Leader, I am available to assist in all of these areas as well. If our team can help you in any way, please contact us at (866) 489-3571 or at (502) 489-3571. REMEMBER, WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU….

“The Kentucky Baptist Convention: Created by churches, for churches, to help churches reach Kentucky and the world for Christ.”

5 Reasons to Seek Help with Conflict

In their book Redeeming Church Conflicts: Turning Crisis into Compassion and Care, Tara Klena Barthel and David V. Edling discuss some of the reasons that it may be wise to involve others during a church conflict. We should never be ashamed to ask for help from an outside person or a third party.

5 Reasons to Seek Help with Conflict

1. We have blind spots. We all have blind spots during conflict, but others can frequently see what we cannot see because they are not emotionally invested. The outside person can hear several perspectives and are not committed towards one perspective being right.

2. We forget the truth. When our hearts are weighed down with crushing burdens, it can be hard to remember the truth of the situation and to focus on the things that are lovely, excellent, admirable, or praiseworthy (see Phil. 4:8).

3. Our fear is powerful. Fear is one of the most powerful emotions that we face. When we’re afraid that we may be losing control of a situation or about to lose something of great value to us, our judgment can become skewed.

4. Our tempers can be held in-check. The presence of an impartial third party can help hold tempers under control and help conflicted people agree on fundamental rules of fairness.

5. We need encouragement. A neutral third party can encourage us when all seems hopeless and lost. He or she can remind us of the sure foundation and hope that we have in Christ.

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